What happened to Filipino Achievers?

For the past few years I have not posted any reports regarding the achievements of different Filipinos worldwide. As a self-supporting blogger, It’s my passion to help the Filipinos informed the latest developments and achievements of Pinoy’s worldwide.

Due to the difficulty of posting every single article on my own, with the amount of time I spent to research regarding a particular Filipino Achievers, I have decided to stop posting.

I love to post but as an ordinary blogger, I also need to have a source of income for myself. As a former OFW who came back to the Philippines to put up a business, my time was my biggest obstacle to provide an article.

I have been blogging but in different niches that provide an income for myself.

With my business partner we came up with some news website which provided an income to us:




Currently we are in the process of building our own marketplace of applications and programs. For those who are willing to sell their products and applications with source code. You can visit:


Those are the things that keeps me busy.

But no matter how busy I am,  I will still try to post the latest development and achievement of Filipinos worldwide as an inspiration.

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Ruben V. Napales Elected as Chairman of the Board for Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Award Giving Body

Ruben V. Nepales of Philippine Daily Inquirer

Entertainment columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Ruben V. Nepales was elected as the chairman of the board of the influential Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

HFPA is the organisation of journalists from all over the world that hands out the Golden Globe Awards annually.

Nepales is not only the first Filipino-American but is also the first Asian in HFPA’s 69-year history to head the organisation.

He is also the first Filipino-American journalist to become a member of HFPA. He joined the organisation in 2004. The HFPA, which has 88 members from 55 countries, held its election on June 8, the eve of Nepales’ 55th birthday.

Nepales’ “Only in Hollywood” column comes out in the Entertainment section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer 156 times a year.

Nepales’ selected columns about Filipino achievers abroad have been compiled into the book “My Filipino Connection: The Philippines in Hollywood.”

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Paulino Alcantara Front Page in FIFA Today

Paulino Alcantara graced the front page of the official website of the Federation of International Football Association.

He was honored by FIFA after 100 years. Today marked the 100 years of his first ever goals in the seniors division of the European League playing with the FC Barcelona.

He was considered as the greatest Filipino and Asian player to play in Europe. His record while playing in Barcelona have never been broken.

For more information about the news just head on the official report from FIFA and to our news blogsite at esportsinfo.com

Paulino Alcantara Record Breaking Goal for Barcelona

Paulino Alcantara Greatest Filipino Footballer


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Tim Lincecum Fil-Am Pitcher Salary for SF Giants

Tim Lincecum is a Filipino-American pitcher who secured a huge amount in a 2-year-deal worth $40.5 Million. The two-time Cy Young awardee is one of the most popular pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Tim Lincecum is just few of the Filipino-American who have made a name for themselves in the United States.

For more information and latest news regarding Tim Lincecum just visit our official Pinoy Achievers News Site or just click the image below for more details regarding the deal.

Tim Lincecum Filipino Sports Achiever

Tim Lincecum Ace Pitcher of San Francisco Giants

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Pinoy Achievers Sports and Information Blog Site

Pinoyachievers, the owner of this blog site would like to inform our avid readers that some of our news especially regarding sports and information will be transfer to a self-hosted site at http://www.esportsinfo.com

For a longer period of time I was not able to update this blog for the reasons that it takes a lot of time and efforts to maintain a blog. We need sponsors for a site in order for it to prosper and for maintenance purposes.

I have collaborated with a former friend and came up with three different sites wherein we monetize to compensate our expenses.

Right now we are concentrating on three different sites, www.quotednews.com for latest news and information. www.pinoystarblog.com for latest celebrity gossips and www.esportsinfo.com for the latest happenings in sports from around the world.

If the three sites would be successful and will provide us with enough income I will rewrite this blog and make more updates. I would always love to share to you the things I’ve learned and compiled them to provide information for all of us.

Thank you and more power to my avid readers.

Pinoy Achievers Blog Sites:




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Pinoy Achievers News Site

For the past few months I haven’t updated this blog for the reasons that in order to keep this blog afloat i have to give more time and research about the topic that I’m going to post. The validity of my posting needs careful research and I have spent a lot of time in doing so. Although I try my best to keep this site well updated I cannot do it continously. For the reason that I need also to monetise my site so I try to focus on my other site Filipino Christian Achievers

I am so excited when I saw my earnings that a few cents have been added from day to day but not enough so I took advice from a friend of mine who have successfully managed a blog to collaborate with him and with experience he pursued me to become partner in his new venture website. The site keeps on getting attention everyday, although we haven’t monetise it yet. I know it will be earning soon.
As a Filipino I would like to invite you to visit our website.



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Temporarily moved to Filipino Christian Achievers

To my fellow Filipinos and reader of this blog I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for visiting my site. Due to some inevitable circumstances I was not able to update this blog for it needs thorough research before I can post something worthy to become a Pinoy Achiever. Temporarily I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger for some reasons. As a Christian I now focused mainly on the achievement of my fellow Filipino Christian Achievers. If you have time just feel free to visit my site…

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