Filipino Blogger Revealed His Secret through an eBook

One of the most trusted blogger from the Philippines have finally revealed his secrets on how he was able to earn a huge amount of income just by working during his free time.

Buy the ebook here:

As an avid reader of his blog, I’ve learned a lot from this guy. I wandered during my first few days in blogging how this ordinary guy made such a huge impact in the world of blogging especially on his niche as a programmer.

Personally speaking I’ve never learned programming on my own way but what surprised me with this government employee is his determination to help those fellow bloggers who have no background in computer related courses.

Buy the ebook here:

I am grateful that finally the teachings and the experienced he learned during his blogging days will be imparted to all of us, especially for Filipinos who have been looking for a part time job but never find one.

I will definitely recommend his book as I anticipate the time of publication. Thanks a lot.

For more information regarding the book “How I Earned P80,000 A Month Blogging During My Free Time,” just visit one of his site at


About filipinoachievers

A former tubagatherer turned OFW on my journey towards a successful online free-content provider. Co-founder of PhilNews.Ph, one of the Philippines Top 200 websites based on Alexa Ranking.
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2 Responses to Filipino Blogger Revealed His Secret through an eBook

  1. michael says:

    I still don’t know if I could trust things such as this. I have been scammed on something like this before and I hope there are some proof on this one to validate the effectiveness of the said ebook. Although I know some other ways too to generate extra income on the internet, but of course, that is something that I can’t also share right away.

  2. He is a programmer. He got tons of information that would translate to tons of blog articles. There’s noting extraordinary in there. You should write about a blogger that didn’t finish his second year in high school, had slept in the streets, picked up the pieces to become a blogger. And now making a decent income through blogging. That is quite a feat.

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