Joey Concepcion: GoNegosyo

Joey Concepcion III is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RFM Corporation, the Presidential Consultant on Entrepreneurship and one of the founders of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship.
Joey Concepcion came from a middle-class family who did not have all the luxuries in life. He was taught to achieve things in life with patience. He grew up in Pasay City where there was always flood and fire. However, he has grandparents who are known for being great entrepreneurs: Jose Concepcion Sr., was the founder of Concepcion Industries; and his grandmother (from the mother side), Victoria Lopez- Araneta, is the founder of many businesses (FEATI University, Araneta University, RFM Corporation, etc.). The environment he grew up with and his grandparents were what he considers his inspirations to venture in business and be successful in it.

Joey as an entrepreneur is self-confident. At the age of 28, he is already the Chief-Executive-Officer of RFM Corporation, the second largest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines generating P10 billion in net sales for the year 2001. He bought the brands Selecta and Cosmos and challenged its two giant competitors: Coke and Magnolia. In 13 years, he made Cosmos a market leader with Pop Cola.

He considers business not only as a way of making money but as well as a way to show love for the country. He wants to help others, already-entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs alike, that, together with other eight colleagues, they founded Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship. They aim to encourage and mentor entrepreneurs. They form a movement to achieve their goal of making Filipinos optimistic rather than pessimistic, named it “Go Negosyo”, a brand they hope would create Philippines as a country of millionaires.


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