Roberto Celis: Inventor of Hydrogasifier

Roberto V. Celis, 74, said it took him 14 years to develop his invention called “Hydrogasifier” using water as supplemental fuel for all kinds of internal combustion engines that use gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hybrid or bio-fuel, eliminating deadly pollutants from spreading into the atmosphere.

“It utilizes the hot exhaust gases from the engine to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases that are immediately introduced into the combustion chamber to completely burn the fuel,” Celis said in an exclusive interview with the Philippines News Agency in his shop in Marikina City.

Celis said that when he perfected the development of the “Hydrogasifier” as an anti-pollution device, it turned out also as an engine enhancer, increasing power of the vehicle and at the same time cutting down fuel consumption.

“It was just marvelous and I was surprised to this unexpected bonus to my invention which would benefit the Filipinos and the whole world,” he said.

“Fuel saved from gas or diesel is from 30 to 50 percent and that is a lot of savings,” he added.

Using the “Hydrogasifier” would save the Philippines some US$ 2-billion of fuel annually, he said.

Celis said that carbon emission is near zero during a series of laboratory tests by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) “that makes this device a potential carbon eliminator to prevent global warming that’s threatening man’s health.”

To prove his invention works perfectly, Celis installed the device to test its effectiveness in a Ceres Liner Bus, a Jeep Star Bus, and jeepney operated by Ryan Transport Services, all based in Bacolod City last March and came up with the following results: the 174 horsepower (Hp) of the Ceres Bus increased to 199 Hp, while emission from 9.6K down to 0.21K, cutting down emission by 94 percent;

The Jeep Star Bus from 137Hp to 144.83 Hp and from 9.9K to 2.29K or emission reduction by 76 percent; and

The Ryan jeepney from 83 Hp to 87 Hp and from 9.9K to 0.82K or a reduction by 90 percent of its emission.

A Pajero installed with “Hydrogasifier” saved fuel by 40 percent in city driving, and by as much as 87 percent in highway driving, Celis said.

He said a 1994 Toyoto Corolla car using the device saved fuel by 50 percent in highway driving and up to 30 percent in city driving.

“It is my humble contribution to the world in containing global warming which is threatening man’s existence,” Celis said.

“I do believe that my invention can contribute greatly in conserving energy and reduce global warming in response to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, wherein the World Bank will pay us US$ 20 per ton on carbon emission reduction,” he said.

The 74-year old Filipino inventor said that the “Hydrogasifier” does not only save motor vehicle owners with lots of money due to less fuel consumption but also complies the Clean Air Act of 2003.

Celis also said that the success of his invention will “generate employment for our people and earn foreign exchange from exporting the device.”

Job generation is one of the main concerns of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before she ends her term in 2010.

Celis appealed to the Philippine government to extend financial assistance in the filing of international patent “for this important invention to guarantee the Philippines of exclusivity in manufacturing this Filipino technology.”

He said his invention can also be installed in factories to control pollution.

“The ultimate solution to stop global warming is now here in the Philippines,” Celis said.


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13 Responses to Roberto Celis: Inventor of Hydrogasifier

  1. richie ascalon says:

    Bravo sa imo!!!

    Where can we contact you here in Bacolod?


  2. Thanks for the commendations. I will do my best to further this research and as soon as possible if I can contact Mr. Celis I will inform you through your e-mail. Thank your for the time you spent reading this file. Here is the link of Mr. Celis WIPO patent record.,B-ENG,DP,MC,AN,PA,ABSUM-ENG&SEARCH_IA=PH2006000016&QUERY=%28IN%2f%22Celis+Roberto%22%29+

  3. Herbert says:

    Kudos to you and of course to Mr Celis, I hope this project will be noticed by our government, can you post this to Pnoy’s website, hope he knows this. this will really help our economy a lot. Huwag lang mapulitika ng OPEC…

  4. Xavier says:

    Hi I am Xavier Valbuena from Don Bosco Technical College. We are working on our thesis proposal right now. We are focusing sa field niyo po mga inventors. We really need problems about your field po. Like ano2x po mga dahilan kung bakit yung ibang inventors eh nagwowork na lang instead of using their talents in inventing things. And why some of inventors are not recognized. Thank you po sa reply.. Have a good day..

  5. sheane says:

    hoping our government would hear and make an action to this invention because Philippines is a developing country,and this invention might improve the country ‘s economy hoping that people would be notify or information must be disseminate about the improvement.

  6. Hello.

    I think your blog is wonderful – giving Filipino inventors publicity and recognition they deserve. I’m writing to ask permission to feature the hydrogasifier article on P3.

    P3,, is a crowd-sourced, progressive, online Philippine news magazine that features blogs with perspectives on modern Filipino culture, progress-minded, social responsibility, environmentalism, and tolerance.

    May I feature your blog post? I will provide all the necessary links and description of your blog.


  7. manny says:

    pls provide contact nos. of hydrogasifier stores in manila or in bataan

  8. july lamiso says:

    additional information please about the research for the product description

  9. Where can I buy this item? Gusto kong gumamit ng ganito.

  10. elieza jean plaza says:

    hai mr. celis i am very proud of u hope that it will be post soon so that it wil help us

  11. says:

    I heard that you sold this kind of gas to the country Japan because the government would not allow it why did not you fight back?you created this gas to help us Imagine you took 14 yrs just to find a cure for the ozone layer think about it Why them?your one of us a Filipino stays a Filipino
    -End of Conversation-

  12. luzeena raja says:

    do you have mr.celis’ email id? i’m a student from india and we are making a model of this invention for a science competition. i was hoping i could get an interview [via email] with him. please do help. the competition os on the 16th of feb 2013

  13. says:

    Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

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