Lloyd Luna: Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker can inspire many to achieve their goals. But what is it in turn that motivates them? Author and motivational speaker Lloyd Luna came from humble beginnings but he has gone a long way from the days when he used to help his father sell bread in his home town of Gumaca, Quezon.

Even early on, Luna learned that it takes hard work to make it in life. Also key in his youth were good nutritional habits, which included drinking milk regularly. He used to get up at 4:30 AM to prepare the items for his father’s rounds. When Luna didn’t have classes, he’d go along with his father selling bread around town.

His early years encouraged him to become an achiever, and he graduated with honors from the Gumaca National High School. He went on to Manila to get a degree in Electronics Communications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. There he wrote for Spectrum, which led him to be cited as the Most Outstanding Campus Journalist two years in a row. The student paper became one of the finalists for Best Student Organization at the 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards. Soon after, Luna started working as a correspondent at the Department of Labor and Employment. He was then hired by Malacañang to be an events organizer for the Office of the President, where he met several successful business people who later became some of his inspirations in writing “Is there a career waiting for me?”

Luna’s experiences led him to write the book that was to become a bestseller. He knew how difficult the road to success was, and he wanted to help others overcome their uncertainties and to let them know what it takes to have a successful career. But even that goal of his was littered with obstacles. Because he lacked the funds, he almost wasn’t able to publish “Is there a career waiting for me?” He was determined to get the the book out however, believing a lot of people would benefit from it. He then became a self-taught web designer, earning a respectable income that enabled him to publish ten copies of his book. These he personally delivered to several National Bookstore branches. Through the book’s website, Luna found his market and the copies sold out quickly, prompting the bookstore to call asking for more copies.

“Is there a career waiting for me?” eventually became a hit, receiving praises from a readership ranging from journalists to businessmen. It changed not only his readers’ careers, but his own as well. He is now the president and CEO of LLOYDLUNA Communications, which aims to promote motivational and inspirational books, seminars and coaching programs in the country. But even as traveling for his work takes its toll on his body, Luna still falls back on the good nutritional habits he developed as a child. A reminder of his beginnings, drinking two glasses of milk remains a valuable part of his daily routine.


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One Response to Lloyd Luna: Motivational Speaker

  1. Mark says:

    It’s really amazing that after having a career in one field, that you can begin an entirely new life in something completely different.
    Very good story and a nice blog.


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