Joey Gurango: Filipino Software Engineer

Joey Gurango

JOEY GURANGO is the Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Gurango Software. Prior to forming the company in 2003, Joey founded Match Data Systems (MDS) in the U.S. and served as its President from 1987 to 1991. In 1999, he sold MDS to Great Plains Software, which was eventually acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2001. Gurango Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with 115 employees operating in six countries.
WEBWORKS OS founder and chief executive officer Joey Gurango was recently cited by Microsoft Corporation as one of its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardees for 2005.

Organized by Microsoft 11 years ago, the MVP Award acknowledges achieving individuals for outstanding contributions in a wide range of community activities.With endeavors ranging from newsgroups to top user group websites and message boards, books and speaking engagements worldwide [This is not very clear to me.], MVP status is awarded to the most active online community experts for their technical expertise, voluntary willingness to share their experience, and commitment to helping others realize their potential within Microsoft technical communities.

This is the second year in a row that Gurango has been welcomed into Microsoft’s elite group of individuals in online and offline communities worldwide who share their passion for Microsoft products and technologies with others.As an MVP awardee for the Visual Developer – Solutions Architect category, Gurango was commended for his extraordinary efforts in guiding his peers in this field, particularly for WEBWORKS OS’ performance last year as the only software development startup in the Philippines specializing in Microsoft’s .NET technology.

Aside from the prestige attached to being a Microsoft MVP awardee, WEBWORKS OS will receive technical resources and relationship services from Microsoft to further enhance the already impressive competitiveness and service delivery capabilities of the company.

Gurango is one of seven Filipino Microsoft MVP Award recipients this year.Other Filipino MVPs were awarded for their work in such fields as Windows – Mobile Services; Visual Developer – Visual Basic; Visual Developer – .NET Compact Framework; Windows Server System – BizTalk Server; Windows Server – Media Server; and Window Server – Management.

Incorporated in October 2003, WEBWORKS OS provides software development services for the Microsoft ecosystem and offers full product lifecycle support, migration to the .NET platform, maintenance and upgrades, software test engineering, and end-user documentation.It has established a solid reputation in the Australasia and the United States for supporting developers of commercial software applications.WEBWORKS OS helps its partners build the next generation versions of their applications.

Gurango himself has a strong track record developing commercial software.Early in his career he founded another firm that was bought by Great Plains which was itself later acquired by Microsoft, where Gurango became a senior regional executive.In each of these organizations he implemented world-class development processes that assure projects come in on time and do what they are supposed to.WEBWORKS OS development processes are aligned with the industry standard Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMi.His company’s software engineers are all Microsoft Certified Professionals with significant industry experience, most trained by Gurango himself.


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