Villanueva Updates

Zamboanga City – “I want you to know that Mindanao tops the list of Bangon Pilipinas Party’s priorities. Our vision for a peaceful and progressive Mindanao is backed up by a platform of government that is not only attuned to the needs of our people in this region but is also relevant to the total development of our nation.”

These were the words of Bangon Pilipinas Party standard bearer Bro Eddie Villanueva when he spoke before thousands of cheering supporters at Plaza Pershing in Zamboanga City last night, March 17.

Villanueva added that should he get elected in office, the people of Mindanao will also get “what you duly deserve, yet you never get to enjoy.“

“As embodied in our platform that is specific to Mindanao, I guarantee you that you shall reap the blessings of equitable distribution of national 

wealth and income through the ‘Assured Regional Pie’ Policy in the national budgeting process,” he said, adding that Mindanao shall see the day when its riches are enjoyed by its own people under a Villanueva government.

Meanwhile, Bangon Pilipinas National Campaign Manager Atty Lyndon Cana also underscored the Party’s targeted plans for Mindanao.

“First, we commit to continue the stalled peace process here in Mindanao. Second, we pledge to stand for one Mindanao that is not split nor splintered. And third, we shall seriously consider calling for a plebiscite and/or a Constitutional Convention to submit to the Filipino people the question of federalism as a final and permanent solution to the problem of peace and progress in Mindanao,” Cana added 

Earlier that day, Villanueva, his running mate Atty. Jun Yasay, and BP senatorial slate collectively known as APPOINT PV (Alonto, Papin, Paredes, Ocampo, Inocencio, Nikabulin, Tinsay, Princesa, Virgines) proceeded to a grand motorcade within the City. Supporters joined the motorcade in their bikes, trucks, and personal vehicles.

Later on, in a clear display of warm support, the group was treated to a shower of rainbow-colored confetti drop that the Zamboanguenos released upon the candidates in a meet-and-greet event at downtown Zamboanga.

Running on a platform of “Anim na Taon na Walang Korapsyon,” the Bangon Pilipinas Dream Team went straight to Plaza Pershing where the Party held its political rally that was attended by Muslims, Christians, and various indigenous groups.

Aside from the speeches of the candidates, various cultural dances by tribal groups also lent excitement and color to the event.

The program was momentarily interrupted when power failure occurred. The Bangon Pilipinas supporters however remained unfazed. Standing their ground, they shouted along with the chant leaders the names of Bangon Pilipinas candidates as they also declared zero corruption for six years under a Villanueva government.


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  1. Sounds like some very fun and exciting times in and around Zamboanga City. Glad people have something to cheer about there, well-deserved if you ask me.

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