Open Letter to the Filipino Voters: Take time to read

Beloved Co-Filipinos,
Blessed day to everyone of you!
First of all, I respect whatever principle you have & in whatever basis how you choose candidate/s to vote for.
But allow me to tell you this… “For an evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing”.
We have an “UNIMAGINABLE GRAFT & CORRUPTION” in our country & in our society not just in terms of money or material things but in behavior & character that’s why we have an “UNIMAGINABLE POVERTTY” in our country.
Philippines used to be next to Japan in terms of economy during the 40’s & even till 60’s & other neighboring nations around us like South-Korea who suffered so much because of civil war have high regard & respect to our beloved nation, Thailand as well , have a high regard to Phils & they have sent so many students to study in our country & many more like Malaysia, Singapore & others.
Look at them now, they are way, way far above in terms of economic & political stability, moral & social integrity but Filipinos & our nation is in the opposite direction way, way behind at the bottom,  VIETNAM has overtaken us already.
Philippines is so-called the “PEARL OF THE ORIENT” & the only CHRISTIAN nation in ASIA, supposed to be on top of every good things but now we are great MORAL & SPIRITUAL DECAY.
While others prospers in many good things, Filipinos & PHILIPPINES became on top of many disgusting things like; TOP in GRAFT & CORRUPTION, TOP in PROSTITUTION, TOP in GAMBLING (jueteng, lotto & others became a way of life), TOP in KILLINGS & MURDERS that’s why FILIPINOS are TOP in POVERTY.
I’m proud to be a FILIPINO & I believed Filipinos are rich in TALENTS, SKILLS & ABILITIES but LACK of moral & spiritual applications.
NO unity every one is jockeying for position because of the greed for power & money & fame.
The Holy Scripture says “love of money” is the root of all evil”, money itself is not bad of course but if man loves money more his neighbor & above all more than GOD then all wickedness will arise.
In a very simple analysis, we are already millions of expatriates around the globe pumping in lots & lots of dollars into our country but WHY still our country is in poverty & sad thing to say from the mouths of many nations & in reality our country became the “SICK OF MAN OF ASIA”.
Ang pwede lang ba nating ipag-malaki to our children, to the children of our children & in short to the next generations is “CHAMPION” tayo sa “SAYAW”, sa pag-AWIT, sa PAG-ARTE, sa BOKSING at sa ano pa man PALAKIHAN ng Cake, palikah ng puto at kung ano pa.
Mga minamahal na KABABBAYAN kong FILIPINO may “PAG-ASA” pa TAYO at ang ating MINAMAHAL na BANSANG PILIPINAS.
KUNG “IF” we will take our rightful place  & will exercise our rights as CITIZENS of our country to cast our VOTES wisely & intelligently for men & women of integrity, who are GOD-loving & GOD-fearing & have VISION for country & for our people.
Your choice, our choice always determines our DESTINY but the truth that can never be denied “THERE IS A PAY DAY SOMEDAY”.
BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION, being in the attitude of APATHY (walang paki-alam), MEDIOCRITY (average,wala lang!) & LETHARGY (lack of interest, no enthusiasm) will by no means will continue to put us in far distance with our love ones, being deprived of precious moments of being together & enjoying life together.


About filipinoachievers

A former tubagatherer turned OFW on my journey towards a successful online free-content provider. Co-founder of PhilNews.Ph, one of the Philippines Top 200 websites based on Alexa Ranking.
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