Make Money with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Through Read.Cash

Making money online is a lot easier or more convenience right now with the introduction of cryptocurrency and one of the fastest growing crypto is the Bitcoin Cash or BCH for short. One way of making real cash is to participate in the blogging site, Read.Cash that pays every user with real cash.

Lots of Filipinos are now looking for some extra income online and they are doing various tasks in order to augment their income, like doing surveys, participating in micro-tasks or anything under the sun.

For the past four days, I tried to participate in the Read.Cash program to test the waters and I was really surprised upon learning that the site really paid their users with real cash through BCH.

The accumulated dollars was deposited to my Bitcoin Cash accounts on in just two hours after I made my first payout worth $4.50 dollars.

You can try to discover Read.Cash and follow me as I learn more about cryptocurrency but at the same time I also earned some real money through Coins.Ph.

Here’s the List of Articles that I Posted on Read.Cash:

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Bantayan Island Cebu’s Best Kept Secret

Bantayan Island is considered as one of Cebu’s best-kept secret as it features a sandy white beaches along a stretch wonderful creations by God. Travelers from Cebu City will need at least 5 hours to reach the island which is accessible by bus first then a ferry ride to the island in the northern part of Cebu City.

Camp Sawi

To know more about the island, please visit regularly one of my sister site at, Bantayan Island’s ultimate guide.

Thanks for dropping by, all information about the island is available through the website and the Facebook Page Camp Sawi which has more than 8K Followers.

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Luigi Nuñez: Beer Below Zero CEO to Bring Revolutionary Product to USA

Luigi Nuñez, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beer Below Zero will bring their revolutionary product to the United States market, as the company set to extend its products and services to the US after their successful expansion in the Asia Pacific Region last 2010.


The company behind Beer Below Zero which is 100-percent Pinoy, is the brains behind the revolutionary technology that enhances the taste of beer by serving it at perfect temperature. The company invented the specialized freezer that cools beers right above the freezing point which is said to the ideal state that enhances the crispiness of the beer’s taste.

In an official announcement and launching of the product, Luigi Nunez was quoted as saying ““We are excited to be bringing our one-hundred percent Filipino invention to the West. Our company wants nothing more than to establish the Philippines as the country that serves the coldest beers. Though we are committed to increasing our company’s global presence, we aim to maintain the brand’s identity as distinctly Filipino,” he said.

Beer Below Zero was founded during the year 2008, since then the company created a demand for beer refrigeration technology. Aside from producing freezers for commercial establishments, the company has also produced small beer freezers for personal-use as a mobile application that records users’ daily beer consumption.

The technology discovered and invented by Filipinos are both patented in the Philippines, there are two patents for design and two for utility models.

The company has more than 600 outlets in the Philippines and over 200 in international markets including Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, SIngapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Chile.

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Bobby Murphy: Snapchat Co-Founder and TIME’s 100 Most Influential People 2014

Bobby Murphy, the co-founder of Snapchat, one of the world’s most popular mobile application, was named as one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World for the Year 2014.


The announcement was made and released by Time Magazine through their official website. The 25-year-old Filipino-American co-founder of Snapchat attended the TIME Gala which was held at the Lincoln Center on April 29, 2014, attended by international luminaries from across the universe.

Bobby Murphy is a son of a Filipina who emigrated from the Philippines and worked as Berkeley state employees. The Fil-Am was named as one of the Most Influential People in the World alongside his Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel.

Both co-founders of Snapchat were earlier recipient of Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 Individuals who influenced the world in terms of Technology and Innovation during the year 2013.

The Fil-Am Bobby Murphy graduated from Standord University with majors in Mathematical and Computational Science. He worked as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Snapchat, Inc., leading the development team in updating and improving the Snapchat app.

Snapchat reportedly declined a $3 billion offer from Facebook according to previous reports posted by different international news media organizations and technology blogs worldwide.


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Bruno Mars: Fil-Am Grammy Award Winner Profile Bios

Filipino-American artist Bruno Mars is one of the most popular singer in the world today with a total of 13 Grammy Award nomination and performed during the 2014 Super Bowl, America’s most popular sporting event.


The debut album of Bruno Marsh has been certified 39x platinum worldwide, sold over 45 million singles worldwide, has over 1 billion views on YouTube.

One of his notable achievement is the Doo-Wops & Hooligans which was released in October 2010 and named as “the year’s finest pop debut: 10 near near-perfect songs,” by Rolling Stone.

The album included the 12x platinum blockbuster single “Just the Way You Are,” which hit number 1 in various countries worldwide and won the critically-acclaimed artist a Grammy Award for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.”

Here are some of the achievement of Bruno Mars:

  • ASCAP Song of the Year
  • Billboard Music Award for Top Radio Song
  • BRIT Award for International Male Solo Artist
  • American Music Award for Favorite Male Artist in Pop/Rock
  • Two MTV European Music Awards including Best New Artist
  • People’s Choice for Favorite Male Artist
  • 2011 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Bruno Mars is truly considered as one of the most popular Filipino Achiever.

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Andrew Gotianun: World’s Real Estate Billionaires’ List 2014

One of the Philippines billionaire is included in the elite list of world’s top real estate billionaires for the year 2014 according to the statistics posted by Forbes’ Magazine’s Billionaire List of 2014. 


Andrew Gotianun: Filinvest Chairman

Andrew Gotianun the founder and chairman of Filinvest Developement, a real estate conglomerate in the county has $1 billion net worth, therefore he is now included in the elite list of real estate billionaires which includes Malik Riaz of Pakistan who has a net worth of $1.1 billion while Wang Jianlin of China has more than $15 billion net worth and also considered as the richest in China. 

The Filipino-Chinese businessman Andrew Gotianun serves as both the Founder and Chairman of the growing conglomerate with interest in property, financial services, sugar, hospitality and utilities.

His company is also behind banking giant East West Bank and they entered the hospitality business with Crimson Resort and Spa. 

An infographic showing the spread of billionaire property tycoons worldwide is shown below courtesy of Lamudi:


Infographics of Real Estate Billionaire in the World

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Filipino Blogger Revealed His Secret through an eBook

One of the most trusted blogger from the Philippines have finally revealed his secrets on how he was able to earn a huge amount of income just by working during his free time.

Buy the ebook here:

As an avid reader of his blog, I’ve learned a lot from this guy. I wandered during my first few days in blogging how this ordinary guy made such a huge impact in the world of blogging especially on his niche as a programmer.

Personally speaking I’ve never learned programming on my own way but what surprised me with this government employee is his determination to help those fellow bloggers who have no background in computer related courses.

Buy the ebook here:

I am grateful that finally the teachings and the experienced he learned during his blogging days will be imparted to all of us, especially for Filipinos who have been looking for a part time job but never find one.

I will definitely recommend his book as I anticipate the time of publication. Thanks a lot.

For more information regarding the book “How I Earned P80,000 A Month Blogging During My Free Time,” just visit one of his site at

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SWA Ultimate Program Scam or Not

In any networking business the most common questions among prospective members is the reliability of the products and the company behind the network. Is the Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) Ultimate a scam or not. We will discuss the different proofs that the company, Supreme Wealth Alliance is a legitimate business entity and most of all a paying company.

The Supreme Wealth Alliance have already released the official documents needed in conducting an online business not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

There are rumors already that the Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines is a scam because of the previous background of the company handled by Chavesnet Enterprises. Although the previous company have their failures but those alleged accusations were not proven by law.

Source: For more information.

Francis Chaves SWA Ultimate Program

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Francis Chaves: SWA Ultimate Founder and CEO

Francis Chaves is one of the most recognized Filipino marketing strategist who made a name for himself as one of the few individual from the Philippines who have used his knowledge in network marketing to expand his business worldwide with the focus on helping fellow Filipinos.

To learn personally just add me on Facebook:

The Chief Admin and CEO of Supreme Wealth Alliance is Franco Renato Chaves but more popularly known as Francis Chaves who registered his company with the Department of Trade and Industry as the Chavesnet Enterprises.

For more information just visit….

Supreme Wealth Alliance

Francis Chaves: SWA Ultimate Founder and CEO

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What happened to Filipino Achievers?

For the past few years I have not posted any reports regarding the achievements of different Filipinos worldwide. As a self-supporting blogger, It’s my passion to help the Filipinos informed the latest developments and achievements of Pinoy’s worldwide.

Due to the difficulty of posting every single article on my own, with the amount of time I spent to research regarding a particular Filipino Achievers, I have decided to stop posting.

I love to post but as an ordinary blogger, I also need to have a source of income for myself. As a former OFW who came back to the Philippines to put up a business, my time was my biggest obstacle to provide an article.

I have been blogging but in different niches that provide an income for myself.

With my business partner we came up with some news website which provided an income to us:

Currently we are in the process of building our own marketplace of applications and programs. For those who are willing to sell their products and applications with source code. You can visit:

Those are the things that keeps me busy.

But no matter how busy I am,  I will still try to post the latest development and achievement of Filipinos worldwide as an inspiration.

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