Rudy Lantano: Hybrid Oil Products Inventor

Proud Pinoy Achiever

The Philippines felt the oil crisis in the early 70s. This prompted Filipino inventors Rudy Lantano (water and fuel mixture), Daniel Dingel (water powered engine) and Pablito Planas (Khaos Turbocharged engine) to produce innovative means to somewhat deviate the sky rocketing fuel prices.

Mr. Rudy Lantano,  is the inventor of Alco-diesel, Lan-gas and Superbunker Formula L (SBFL). His three oil product hybrids were on its developmental stage during the 70s. Sadly, when the oil prices stabilized and alleged conspiracy between oil producing nations and government leaders of developing nations, oil hybrids lost its steam. The inventions of the three were shelved and were overlooked by numerous Philippine administrations.

Dingel was rumored to have sold his invention to European clients. Planas waited for almost three-decades before the public noticed his invention. Lantano, on the other hand, had his foresight for the future. He knew there will come a time when his products would get its share of the limelight.

Last month, Mr. Lantano gave us a chance to have a one on one interview with him. When we arrived at his office/refinery plant/filling station, he asked us to enter his air-conditioned office and did something we should have done first – he asked us before we could actually press the record button of the tape recorder.

“Do you still believe in our government?” he asked while shaking his head. When he only got a smile from us, he proceeded to explain the process of refining oil into efficient and environment friendly products.

His products’ potentials are endless; he talked about the possibilities of alleviating our country’s worsening economic conditions and how we could have been one of the richest and most eco-friendly country in the world had he been supported by the Philippine government.

Lantano’s principle of knowing when to hold, when to fold and when to throw away worked to his advantage. Just when the oil prices were starting to rise, he introduced the Alco-diesel, Lan-gas and Super Bunker Formula-L. He previously went into a joint venture with Shell and Flying-V, but he later decided to have numerous stand-alone stations nationwide.

With the surge of today’s fuel prices, his inventions are making a comeback in the market.

His most notable invention is the Super Bunker Formula – L. Its fuel mixture is 40 percent water and only 60 percent bunker, a small percentage of the 60 percent is for additives.

His clever invention is many times cheaper than the regular bunker fuel. It is an environment-friendly alternative to bunker fuel and is now commercially available to power factories, power plants, boilers and generators. For him, his formula is the ultimate solution to global warming.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the National Power Corporation said the water-based bunker fuel emits less pollutants and reduces smoke emission from 1,000 parts per million to 55 ppm.

In a less technical explanation, his invention causes less pollution, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Now a sexagenarian, he received a gold medal from the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 1996 for his Super Bunker – L invention. For Filipinos like us, which imports the bulk of its energy needs, the use of hydro-bunker fuel could mean millions of dollars in savings.

When he is not meeting with potential clients and inventing other scientific and technological breakthroughs (An “Atom Car” is in the pipeline, but he declined to give further details), he spends his quality time with his wife, six kids and several grandchildren. He is also fond of dogs. He has a red and black Doberman Pinscher caged near his oil refinery plant.

His inventions include the Alco-diesel. It is a blend of hydrous ethyl alcohol and diesel fuel that can be used to power compression engines.

Alco-diesel is now available at several gasoline stations. It reportedly adds power to the engine making it accelerate faster while giving more mileage to every liter. If everything works according to plan, the DOST estimates that it will save the Philippines from buying up to three million barrels of diesel oil annually.

Last but not least is Lan-gas. It is a mixture of alcohol and petrol that can be used to fuel spark-ignition engines.

The use of these alternative fuel mixes does not require major modifications in existing engines, and, therefore, can be used for any vehicle.